It comes as no surprise to me that New England is the best place to have a baby.  My family has been doing it for generations.  Now, according to a recent WalletHub study, all six New England states made the top 10 of all states in the United States.

The Methodology was based on cost of having a baby, quality/access to health care, baby friendliness and family friendliness.

Massachusetts came out on top as the overall best place to have a baby, but not number one for Health Care.  That spot went to Vermont.  It might be because part of the methodology included the number of COVID-19 cases and Massachusetts numbers are very high, compared with Vermont.

Vermont holds the overall 3rd place in the study, Rhode Island coming in at number 5 and New Hampshire at number 6 overall.

New Hampshire has a low "baby-friendliness" rating, but I'm not sure based upon the methodology why we scored so low.  It might be because of the population.  Not a lot of Mom Support Groups, maybe?  I don't know.  I'll take number 6 overall though.

Maine comes in at Number 8 and Connecticut rounds out the Top 10 at number 10.

All six of the New England states hitting the Top 10 for the best places in the country to have a baby, so ... now's the time!

Around here, we have had our own little baby boom.  I think it may have been started by Ryan Sheehy earlier this year or maybe end of last year when he had baby Hazel.  Two of our other co-workers have had babies in the past few months.  Shawn Olsten, one of our sales people, had Baby Carson, who you see here in this article in his finest beach wear and Sean McKenna, our digital Manager had TWINS, Madison and Thomas.  We are over the moon happy for them!

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