Things have changed so much for so many at the start of the pandemic and some have never returned back to "normal."  There are some things that I really like and hope will never go back like.... having my husband spend more time at home.  Ditto for the kids.  Even though I may complain about having them around, I really do like it that way.

Eating out has certainly changed from not being able to do it whatsoever to gathering once again in a crowded space without a mask.  For me, gathering together with family and friends to share a meal is one of the best things in life, so I'm very happy that we are able to do that again.  Having said all that, I really have no reason to complain about a little thing that has changed since before the pandemic, and it's not even really a complaint, but you may think it is.

You may have experienced this already at your favorite restaurant, but I was so surprised to see the signs on the tables at Loretta's in Newburyport.  You had to scan the QR code to pop up the menu.  Wait.  What?  I mean, I know HOW to do it, but I HIGHLY discourage using a cell phone when we do out for dinner.  I know you can decide what to eat, then put the phone away, but why encourage its use, ya know?

Other restaurants have started to pass out paper menus, which I'm sure can get kind of pricey.  Maybe there was an option of getting an actual menu to hold in your hand and I just didn't ask.  What if you go in the restaurant without your phone?  You would think that I am more inquisitive than just keeping quiet, but Loretta's has amazing wine and by the time I saw the sign, I was already 1/2 a glass deep and I just did what it said.  I pulled out my phone and scanned the menu.

I'm sure the QR code keeps us all safer in some way, so I'll just order another glass of wine and deal with it.  Viva La Technology

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