Soon, it could be illegal to hit a cat and not report it.  I say, it's about time.

According to a report from WCVB, it's already illegal to hit a dog and not report it, but cats were not included in that NH bill that was passed 40 years ago.  Representative Daryl Abbas sponsored a bill for equal treatment for cats on behalf of his wife who found their cat dead in the street.

The report goes on to say that Representative Abbas highlighted a part of the law that doesn't make sense.  If you hit someone's property, you have to report it.  So, if they have a statue of a cat and you hit it, you have to report it.  However, as the law stands now, if you hit their real cat, you can take off and not report it.  Doesn't make sense at all.

We have some funny Senators on the Seacoast regarding this bill.  The WCVB report quotes Sen. Tom Sherman of Rye as saying:

It’s a cataclysmic bill. To not pass this would be catastrophic.

Sen. David Watters of Dover said,

It’s a categorical imperative: You have to report.

I'm not sure why cats sometimes get a sneer from people.  Cats have always been a part of my life, just like dogs.  They have been my best friends.  Why wouldn't you stop and report hitting a cat?  What kind of person just takes off?

Maybe one of the representatives can draft a bill for NH covering all domesticated animals, like Rhode Island currently has.

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