New England has many places that are considered haunted.  We are, after all, the oldest part of the Country.

I grew up in two NH towns that both have haunted cemeteries.  Hollis, NH was my first home (and in many ways will always be in my heart) and it's also home to Pine Hill Cemetery, locally known as Blood Cemetery.  I lived in Hollis until the age of 11 and I knew never to go there.  Blood Cemetery is considered the most haunted in New England, according to their website.

When I was 15 years old, I went out driving with my best friend, Lucie and her boyfriend, now husband of a million years, Denis.  I don't remember who decided it was a good idea, I can assure you - it wasn't me, to go visit Blood Cemetery.  Did I mention - at night - after the sun went down?  NOT my idea and I think I protested but lost that battle and there we were - at Blood Cemetary.

I was in the back seat and Denis and Lucie were in the front.  All of a sudden, the car shuts off.  Headlights go off and we are in the dark, at Blood Cemetery.  Did I mention AT NIGHT?!!!  oh. em. gee.

After a few minutes that felt like an eternity and after I started to tear up a little that Denis started to CRACK UP and tell me that HE shut off the car and the lights.  By that time, I think I needed to go home and change my pants.  I had heard about the cemetery my entire life and I was .... to say the least, a little frightened.

Lucie and Denis are still married and they are really great friends to this day, but if I ever get the chance to pull one over on Denis, I'm doing it!

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