I'm quite the amusement/theme park junkie (and I've written about Story Land to a connection between Epcot and NH's robotics industry!)

Well, with the hazy, hot, humid July weather of summer in full effect, I thought we might cool down with some Christmas and take a quick peek at the history of NH's very own Santa's Village in Jefferson.

A look at their website shows us the park has sat in northern sphere of the Granite State now since 1953 (I recall visiting as a kid in the early 1980s myself).

It was started by the DuBois family the park started off modestly (the North Woods region's deer inspiring the idea of "reindeer and Santa Claus), according to the Wikipedia history of the park.

In the years since they've grown with live stage shows, roller coasters,flume and even the tradition side of the holiday with a life size Nativity scene.

Did that little bit of Santa's Village history cool you down, too?

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