Could this be the only working pay phone in all of New Hampshire?  Maybe even all of New England??


I took a lovely hike today at Pawtuckaway State Park in Raymond and as I was driving out, I saw this pay phone.  I had seen it before, but assumed that it wasn't working, but today, it looked like it ACTUALLY got some attention.  The Verizon logo was updated and it looked like the coin slots had been maintained, so, even though I had to go pee really badly, I had to stop and see if I could make a phone call.  Wouldn't you know, I picked up the receiver and heard a dial tone!!  I couldn't believe it!  I didn't actually try to make a call, but I assumed it would work and ran away because, as I mentioned before, had to pee.

So, I thought I would look up any information I could find about payphones and as it turns out, there are so many of them all around the state and the one I saw at Pawtuckaway isn't the only one that works!  There's a website called, the payphone project that has a huge list all over the State, with their phone numbers.  I'm going to see if A-Train wants to call some of them with me next week.

Have a great weekend!!

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