The ring picture here is from Superbowl 51 - the one that gave everyone a heart attack because the Pats were down 28 -3 and came back to win!!  That, to me, was the greatest football game ever played, ever.  We were able to see it in person when we went to see the Lombardi Trophy at the Dover arena last month.  The head of the Patriots events had one on her hand!!!

First thing that Aaron said about last night's celebration, "I bet they didn't have any Orchids in any of the flower arrangements...."  HAHAHAHA!!

It was quite a night last night, according to a story from ESPN.  The players, the coaches, team executives and football staff all received their superbowl rings last night at a private party at Robert Kraft's house.  OH, if only Train and I coulda been there!!!

The party brought former players and coaches back together for one night and the pictures are AWESOME!  Check 'em out from

If you go through the pictures, you'll see that Tom Brady has three rings on one hand and three rings on the other.  He needs TWO MORE for true diamond knuckles!

This party must have been the last hurrah before the team goes in to severe training mode.  Not Gronk though... his face was LIT UP last night wearing his THREE Superbowl rings.  Now, in his retirement, he can do whatever he wants!  I hope to see him soon!


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