NH Chronicle, a wildly successful TV show on WMUR is doing a story on a vacation spot in Tuxbury Pond, NH, not far from the Mass border, over by Kingston.  It's one of the many beautiful vacation spots that we have to choose from here in New England.

For me, being in a tiny house sounds absolutely perfect, especially for a NH stay-cation by a part of the state I usually don't visit.  If you're like me, you'll want to spend the majority of time outside anyway, so why not be in a tiny house?  The houses range from 180 to 275 square feet, so if you go, you'll have to really like the person you're going with.

If you're unsure, Tuxbury Tiny House Village is having an Open House on May 19th.  They will show you the different types of houses available for this one of a kind vacation.

I'm going to Montana with my sisters later on this month and we rented a house with 6 bedrooms in the mountains and although I like the idea of a tiny house, I'm grateful that we rented a big house.  I love my sisters and all, but what if I wanted to just sleep the whole day?  In a tiny house, that might be difficult to do.

If you do stay in a tiny house, let me know how you like it!


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