The majority of us have spent an ungodly amount of time posting up at the DMV just waiting to be served. Those are precious hours and minutes we can never get back. But tomorrow brings a shining beacon of hope. Perhaps the days of waiting in line for hours on end at the DMV are finally behind us, at least in the Granite State.

Starting May 18th, if visit this site you will be able to access the number of customers waiting at a specific DMV location and the longest wait time a customer has experienced.

This information will be available for the DMVs with the highest traffic which are Concord, Nashua, Manchester, Dover and Salem.

It's not solving all of our troubles but it is certainly a start! At least you can check the site and see that the longest wait time is 2 hours and say "You know what? I think I'll try later this afternoon."

Now if only we could get a system that holds your place in line virtually, similar to the Nowait App that some restaurants use. Then we would be in bid-ness.

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