This popular New Hampshire venue has made the decision to require all employees to be vaccinated and masked.  The Tupelo Music Hall in Derry has done so in response to rising transmission rates of COVID-19, According to WMUR.

Customers Will Soon Have to Be Vaxxed

On August 20, Tupelo Music Hall will require everyone coming into the hall to show proof of vaccination or to show a negative test.  Also, the test has to be within 72 hours of the show.  The "rapid" tests will not be accepted.


The owner of the venue, Scott Hayward told WMUR:


It's only a matter of time that artists are going to choose to play vaxxed venues or venues with a policy like ours...... I think it's a small thing to ask. We're not requiring people to get vaccinated, we're just saying if you are vaxxed, please show proof of that and if not, please get a test.

The Tupelo did have two employees who tested positive for COVID-19 and they had to close for two weeks.

Tickets will not be refunded if there is a disagreement with the policy.

Click Here to see the NH COVID-19 Summary Report.

Whether you agree or disagree with Tupelo's decision, it is their decision to make.  They do have that right to say whether or not you come into their venue for any reason.  It is your decision to decide if you choose to buy a ticket to one of their shows.  We all have choices.

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