Ten years ago, Jim Contant from Hampton Falls and his family made a giant card for the Connecticut community affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

This week, the Seacoast family announced that they are creating a similar giant card for the people of Ukraine. Jim explained the sentiment behind the idea. He said that after the Sandy Hook tragedy, so many of us had this feeling of despair and helplessness inside, knowing we wanted to do SOMETHING but unsure as to what. Jim and his son got the brilliant idea to make a giant card and get as many people to sign it as possible. They circulated it through various cities across New Hampshire, and gave people the opportunity to sign messages of love and support.

The card made its way to notable Granite Staters such as Governor Lynch and Senators Ayotte and Shaheen. Actually, they were among the first to sign the card. It gave the people of New Hampshire an opportunity to do something unique and meaningful for the grieving families. Jim said:

"When my son and I delivered the card, we could see in their faces what it meant to them.”

Jim explained the war in Ukraine has prompted his family to make another giant (8 foot tall) card. He said:

“The images of this war are haunting, and it's easy to feel helpless. There are several ways to show support to the people of Ukraine, and one way our family will be showing our support is by making another giant card, and giving our fellow Granite Staters the opportunity to sign it.”

Conant has again invited the governor and senators to sign the card. The Conant family will soon announce the card's touring schedule. Find out where and when you can sign the giant card on the Facebook page: NEW HAMPSHIRE CARD FOR UKRAINE.

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