New Hampshire Warm Weather Brings Out the Bugs

One thing I really hate about the warm weather here in New Hampshire is that the minute the weather turns a little warm, the bugs come out.  Especially those black flies.  When they are in high numbers, you can barely breathe in a full breath for fear that one or several with fly down your throat.

DEET will usually keep them away, but if you are looking for an alternative way to keep them off, here are a few ideas, including one from a New Hampshire Tattoo Company.

First Bug Remedy Could Be in Your Pantry

I was talking to Zayna at Mosquito Pros NH, and she said black flies do not like the scent of vanilla.  Who knew?  I'm thinking of just taking the vanilla from my cabinet that I use for chocolate chip cookies and dousing my whole body with the stuff.

Check your bathroom next

Body sprays, candles, incense with vanilla...all will keep those annoying creatures away.

New Hampshire Tattoo Company May Have a Remedy to Keep Bugs Away

This Madison, New Hampshire, company called Winnipesaukee Whisker Oil Company has a product called Tattoo Tonic.  It is supposed to keep your tats looking sharp and your skin looking healthy.  Apparently, according to Zayna, it will keep the black flies away too.  I've not smelled it, but it sounds pretty manly.  I'm willing to try anything.

Do Bugs Love You for Your Blood?

It could be that the black flies love your blood type, Zaya says.  Have you ever been with someone who says, "Oh, the bugs just love me"?  I used to think it was just them complaining, but as it turns out, it could be that they have a certain blood type that the bugs like.

Landscaping and Construction Will Increase Activity

If you are having any landscaping or any construction done on your property, you may see increased bug activity.  The bushes and perimeter of your house is their domain, so if you mess with it, they are going to want to relocate, creating more annoyance for you (assuming you hate black flies).

The New Hampshire black flies are usually most annoying in August and September, according to  
Do you have a remedy to get rid of these things?

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