I am looking forward to the Pats game today, as always, but today is another special day for women, but successful women everywhere will hardly care and here's why.

According to a report from WMUR, Sarah Thomas will become the first female official at an NFL playoff game.

This isn't her first "first."  She was also the first woman to ever officiate a college football bowl game, then she was the NFL's first full-time female official and now this.

Sarah is quoted in the report,

I have never allowed my gender to be a crutch or a reason for people to act a certain way.  If they have a feeling towards me, that's their issue.  It's not mine.

PREACH, SISTAH!  Allow me to speak for every single woman I have ever admired in my life, ever.  This is exactly how we think.  Never do we think, "Oh gee, I couldn't do that because I'm a woman," or "gee, I can't do that because that's considered a man thing."  My Mother was like that and all the women in my life who I love and admire, including the women I work with, think this way.  I don't have to ask them.  I know it's true.  That's why we don't even notice if there is sexism around us because that has never been a barrier for women like us and never will be.

Rock on, Sistah Sarah and GO PATS!!

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