There was a massive bee swarm covering a tree on Folsom Street in Dover that weighed FOUR POUNDS. The image of it is just as amazing as the feat of safely removing it.

With the national headline news of 'THE RETURN OF THE MURDER HORNETS' lurking around every corner, it's certainly nice to read such a calming post from The Black Cat Bee Company.

The Black Cat Bee Company is located right in The Garrison City and, (besides providing the miraculous ability to safely relocate thousands of bees), operate hives in five different cities throughout the Seacoast.

The concept of 'bee whispering', for lack of a better term, astounds me.

If you're trying to get control of a dog, a cat or a horse? The work is almost always a one on one relationship and usually on solid ground.

In this case, holding on to a ladder nearly 20 feet up, while trying to 'Locate the Queen' amid a haystack of living needles? It seems like way too many variables to deal with.

More like a variety pack of phobias.

Maybe I'm just biased after 47 years of being stung by every species of insect that flies and possesses a stinger.

That being said, I'm still thrilled that Black Cat Bee Company was able to accomplish this seemingly incredible task. Yet, there is still no way I'd ever get within a mile of this procedure. Environmental enlightenment be damned. I'm terrified just looking at that swarm.

I see that they also sell honey. Buying a jar or a case to support them is a way better option for yours truly.

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