Arguably one of the best action movies ever made is Top Gun.  Now, before you get in a ruffle about its star, let's just say the movie was so good it took another 36 years for the sequel, which is equally exciting.

If you love the Top Gun movies as much as I do, then you'll like what I am about to share with you.

According to the South Portland (Maine) Police Department, it seems the well-loved K-9 Sergeant Stephenson was making his rounds and ran into a rather famous but unassuming star of the original Top Gun movie from 1986, who also happens to be a South Portland resident.

The two struck up a conversation about community topics, and Sergeant Stephenson was happy to learn his buddy, Whip Hubley, played the character of "Hollywood" in Top Gun.  "Hollywood" was one of the other hot shot duos at the Top Gun Training Center, and is prevalent in the movie.

The Facebook post suggested Sergeant Stephenson asked Hubley if he wanted to join the force.  The South Portland Police Department is looking for more good men and women to be part of their community, and the department went as far as mocking up the "Hollywood" name on the police chief's black Suburban to entice the star.

It was all in good fun, and the photos from the post tell the story. But seriously, if you are interested in being part of the South Portland Police Department, check out the job announcement.

The department is obviously very involved with the community, keeping people safe and having some fun too.   Now, I feel the need...the need for speed.

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