One of my favorite parts of my Vermont vacation was taking a ride to the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park in Woodstock, Vermont.

According to Wikipedia, (and what they told me on the tour)  the park is site where three people, Frederick Billings, George Perkins Marsh, Mary Montagu-Billings French, Laurence Rockefeller and Mary French Rockefeller.  Laurence Rockefeller and his wife, Mary French Rockefeller transferred the property to the federal government in 1992.

The person that I was most taken with was Laurence Rockefeller.  He was, almost above all, a conservationist.  If I wasn't doing what I was doing now, I would be working for the NH Fish and Game.  I like to fancy myself as a conservationist myself.  What gifts the Rockefeller's have given to this Country!  Not only this property, but they were responsible for many other National parks, including one of my favorite places on Earth, Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Laurence seemed like a very humble man who didn't need all the riches he was provided by his birth.  He had a very simple bedroom and a very simple desk, pictured here:


Check out this YouTube video on the property.  If you have time this Labor Day weekend, it's definitely worth the roadtrip!!

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