If you grew up in or near Southern New Hampshire, chances are high that Water Country was a popular summer destination for you and your family.

If that holds true, then I'm certain you have at least one core memory of being an elated child living your best life in that water park. Maybe it's the time you ate your cup of Dippin' Dots way too fast and got a massive brain freeze. (happens to the best of us). Or maybe it's the time you went down Geronimo for the first time and experienced the worst wedgie of your life. Of course, it didn't stop you from going down that slide again and again. Some thrills in life are just worth the wedgie. Or maybe it was the time your bathing suit bottoms fell down and you accidentally mooned the entire wave pool. It all happened so fast!

When I turned 16, my parents asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. They figured I wanted to throw a sweet 16 party and invite all my friends over for some rowdy fun in the basement. To their surprise and delight, I wanted a day at Water Country with my closest girlfriends. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I still have photos from my disposable camera of us trying to pose all sexy underneath the waterfall. They are cringey, but I'm saving them forever.

If you are grew up as a Water Country kid, the best time of year was when this commercial started to play on TV. It's still one of my favorite jingles of all time:

It's hard to believe that Water Country is celebrating their 40th season this year! In celebration, the park has undergone some upgrades and transformations; a bit of a "glow up" if you will. Upgrades include a redesigned Main Gate, a brand-new entry sign, refreshed parking booths, and eye-catching color updates to four popular water attractions.

Their Dragons Den Water slide is looking more vibrant than ever!

You can see for yourself, as Water Country just had their opening weekend!

Thanks for 40 years of riding, sliding, and splashing Water Country. To the next 40!

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