The eyesores are by law to be cleaned up in 90 days, but this is rarely the case for double power poles.

It's an issue that you might not have thought about, but once you do, it's nearly impossible to NOT notice them. Double power poles are a growing problem throughout Northern New England. According to NBC 10 Boston, there are more than 16,000 dangerous-looking eyesores dotting the landscape across Massachusetts alone, and residents have had enough.

Paul Rice has one in his neighborhood he's concerned about, and has been since someone hit a pole in front of his house. Afterwards, a crew showed up and installed a new pole, but attached it to the broken one. A few years later, the same thing happened next pole over, with the exact same cleanup. "I contacted some of the state people and some of the utilities. Nobody seemed to care."

Massachusetts state law says the double poles should be removed within 90 days and replaced with a new one. However, according to NBC 10 Boston, there are no consequences for the utility and telecommunications companies responsible for maintaining them.

Is this a problem in your neighborhood?


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