These are the furthest things from 'official' or 'scientifically proven', but I have a great way to prevent ticks from crawling on you and discuss an ancient home remedy to get rid of a tick once it bites and won't let go.

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Prevention Through Disinfection

Each and every weekend, I spend a great deal of time trudging through long grass and it just dawned on me, I haven't found a tick on myself in months.

I think I know why! Usually before I head over to my folks house, I heavily spray my sneakers with Lysol. Inside, Outside and all points in between. I also hit the cuffs of my jeans. That way, just in case I need to go inside their house for whatever reason, I won't be tracking in any unwanted microbial nightmares.

Since, I've been doing this? I've had ZERO wood ticks (the big ones) and ZERO deer ticks (the tiny ones).

Ye Olde Match Extraction?

This morning Sarah reminded me of an old method that I've never tried, but I've heard is true!

Supposedly, the heat from a recently lit match will cause a tick that has bitten you and won't let go, to retreat almost immediately. Unfortunately, I can't find any evidence of that working online.

Responsible Actions

I've been bitten about two dozen times in my life and each time I've done THE WRONG THING. I just rip them out with my fingers and flush them down the toilet ASAP.

This technique with tweezers seems the most reasonable method. I had no idea that a tick can easily survive a 1.6 gallon toilet flush and live to bite another day.


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