A couple of weeks ago I posted 'Three Children's Toys That Will Drive You Mad.' So, I figured it would be a good idea to highlight three toys for children that adults can enjoy, sometimes more than the kids.

Nothing is better than hanging out with your child and playing with toys. Of course, it depends on what kind of toys. I have found that many toys for kids can really annoy you, especially when they make constant loud noises, or talk and sing. I have also discovered that other toys can be enjoyable for adults and children.

Check out this list and keep in mind that Kidabaloo! is coming right up. Talk about having fun with your kids, this is it!

Kidabaloo! is Saturday April 25th from 1-5PM at the Dover Ice Arena.

  • Some serious building going on here.
    Some serious building going on here.

    Legos or Building Blocks

    Building Things Is Fun!

    They don't make noise, and everyone loves to get creative and build things. Plus, you don't have to move around, great for a lazy day or a lazy dad.

  • Cruisin'!


    Beats A Stroller!

    Alright, I don't actually ride the tricycle, but it is a lot of fun to push my daughter in. Much better than a stroller. It's lighter, goes faster and easier to pop wheelies with. Not to mention that beast can cut a corner like nobody's business.

  • Monster jam over my 2 year old daughter for the win.
    Monster jam over my 2 year old daughter for the win.

    Mini Hoop

    Who's Up For Some 1-On-1?

    I use this hoop more than my daughter does. It's just nice to have in the living room, poppin' shots while watching tv. The nice thing is that my daughter likes to chase the basketball and throw it back to me, so I don't have to leave the couch.

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