There aren't many pictures of me from that magical decade of Disco, but one has been recently 'disco'vered. Behold, 1970's A-Train.

Terry Connelly - Photo Credit
Terry Connelly - Photo Credit

Taken in the summer of 1979, on Dry Hill Road somewhere near the Gonic/Farmington border.

This was no doubt snapped at my cousin Jeremy's 6th birthday party (born 7/3/73).

I have fond memories of this place as wild grapes grew everywhere around their back yard and the house featured 4 empty beer bottles that were set in the concrete on the four corners of it's chimney.

Who am I kidding? 40 years has passed and I still think that's cool!

If I had to guess, my excitement in this picture was due to either the anticipation of cake or my recent ingestion of said cake, and my energy level was riding high.

That's a pretty sweet collared shirt and if I ever find one like it I'll definitely reenact this Kodak moment (as long as cake is involved).

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