The most common internet joke about this arrest is that he had "too much rum cake."

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Getty Images

TLC reality TV star Buddy Valastro (aka Cake Boss) was arrested in Manhattan  this morning for DWI, according to NBC News.

The owner of the now-famous Carlo’s Bakery was stopped by police after swerving around in his yellow 2014 Corvette. Police said Buddy looked very intoxicated and arrested him after failing a Breathalyzer test.

You figure a guy who got rich off of reality television would have enough dough to fork over for a limo or cab. He could have also made a cake bed to sleep in and sober up.

Drunk driving has to be the single most irresponsible thing a sane person can do in their lifetime. It always amazes me when grown adults, especially those in the public eye, continue to do it anyway. At least nobody was injured.

If Buddy does time, he can always sneak a saw into a cake to escape. Or make a cake saw.

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