No word if Maine's own 'possum' was actually paying tribute to country legend George Jones.

This time of year, you're using your snowblower much more often than say, your lawn mower. In fact, one of the only uses for a lawn tractor this time of year is to plow snow. Well, in Maine's capital city, it's also used for transportation. Think you can throw down a few pops, fire up the Toro, and be immune from traffic laws?

Hard no. 

One person found this out.

According to the Augusta Police Department's Facebook page, a person was recently arrested for operating under the influence. A passerby caught an image of the arrest, which was a different experience for the force.

They stated "Although it’s not uncommon to make an arrest on a lawnmower for an OUI, it has been known to happen from time to time. However we can’t think of a recent instance when it happened in the winter."

The arrest hearkens back to the days of country star George Jones, who was once arrested on a lawnmower while completely hammered.


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