Mexican Monday, Taco Tuesday, Who Needs a Name Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, or my favorite... Fiesta Friday.

Regardless of whether you have a nickname or not, who dislikes tacos? No one.

Tacos, for me anyway, are one of those food groups I can always eat. One for a snack? Sure. Two for an appetizer? Yup. Anywhere between three and 12 for a meal? Absolutely.

Tacos are a staple of Mexican food. They are also a staple in many families' weekly rotational meals.

For a few years growing up, I remember having tacos once a week. Why? They are a perfect DIY meal.

You want it extra cheesy? Add some more cheese.

You don't like too much taco seasoning? You get to control that, too.

Crafting your taco is a pleasure everyone should get to have, but sometimes, you don't want to cook for yourself.

To that point, at the other end of this taco talk, no one makes a taco like a real, authentic Mexican restaurant.

They prep it better, load it better, and no one fits more into a burrito. Speaking of that, how do burritos and tacos get so full at a Mexican restaurant, but I can't get mine half full at home before the shell rips or breaks?

At any rate, no one makes a taco quite like the professionals. If I am ever craving tacos, I head right over to Barrio for a stoner shell.

If you do not know what a stoner shell is, you must try.

So, where in New Hampshire are the best places to treat yourself to some real good tacos? Well, I let the people of New Hampshire bring me the answers.

Check out some of the top taco spots all over the 603. Did your favorite make the list?

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