Tom Brady made an announcement yesterday, but not the one that we wanted.

According to a report from WCVB, Tom Brady has teamed up with Hollywood Producers, Joe and Anthony Russo to launch 199 Productions.  Their first project is going to be "Unseen Football," which sounds like a behind the scenes movie about how a team gets ready for games OFF the gridiron, but that's just my assumption.

Tom wants to be transparent in all that he does to get ready for the game that he loves, so this comes as no surprise.  I'm sure he too is on pins and needles deciding whether or not he will wear a Patriots uniform come the Fall.  Maybe I'll write him a letter begging him to not leave New England.  Maybe it'll work.  Hey, I can try, can't I?


Not only did Tom Brady announce the launch of his Production Company, but also, he calmed our fears in the face of this corona virus hysteria.  Or, at least just mine, not that I was ever hysterical about the whole thing.  This is from Dakota Randall's Twitter account:


PERSPECTIVE, PEOPLE.  Wash your hands, be careful and don't go to Italy right now.

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