The New England Patriots quarterback and former teammate wagered big money, and it still may be unresolved.

Depending on how you wagered, this year's Kentucky Derby might've left you crying in your mint julip, after 32 minutes of being on top of the gambling world. Maximum Security may have been disqualified, and lost a lot of people money. If you gambled and lost, you had to pay up. This may, or may not be the case for former Patriot Danny Amendola. According to B/R Betting's Twitter page, and Tom Brady made a $100,000 wager that Amendola would connect with (and this is still unclear) a nearby building. More specifically, a window in that building? Danny's would-be weapon was small football that even Tom himself would struggle with. OF COURSE Tom took the bet.

Amendola missed, and like any good gambler in the hole, offered a quick "double or nothing." The video cuts before the second act.

We get the Derby is for the well to do crowd, but 100k on a silly bet? Must be nice...

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