Well, it's Wednesday during the Summer, so of course, there's a chance of thunder and lightning tonight.  We are not canceling Shark in the Park, however, it's being MOVED to THE STRAND, 20 Third Street, Dover, NH.  YAY!

The Band Tonight is AWESOME

Grenon has received accolades from some heavy hitters in the music business.  Here's a bit of their bio from their website:

Founded in 2016 by then 14-year old lead singer, Kacie Grenon, to enhance her solo career, Grenon has performed over 150 shows throughout New England, rocking local fairs, festivals, watering holes, stadiums, and iconic stages, such as: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Ohio), Middle East (Cambridge, MA), and Casino Ballroom (Hampton, NH). In the fall of 2018, they released their first music video for their song Break Mine (a 2018 International Songwriting Competition Teen Semi-Finalist & 2019 New England Music Awards Best Video Nominee).



Here's the rest of the schedule for Shark in the Park.  We will be moving the shows INSIDE if it rains on the following dates again:

Tapedeck Heroez - July 21st

Dancing Madly Backwards - July 28th

Aunt Peg - August 4th

Wellfleet - August 11th

Rosie - August 18th

We would love to see you tonight!  All the shows are from 6-8pm and they are FREE!  No cover charge or tickets needed, so we'll see you later!

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