125 years ago today in Fall River, MA somebody 'took an ax' and brutally murdered Andrew and Abby Borden. I thought I'd celebrate by 'taking an ax' to work today!

Shingle Ax

More specifically, a twenty pound 19th century shingle ax!

Train Images
Train Images

In the photo above, fellow Lizzie Borden enthusiast and co-worker Karen(2K)Kiley is taking her frustration out on a small pumpkin.

Axes are flying on Lizzie Borden Day!

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The Instagram video above shows a quick 'whack' on a completely innocent carton of delicious ice cream!

I haven't been able to get the ax back from her yet.

In the last couple hours, she has chopped a half cord of wood, created a 'new fire escape' in the kitchen area and prepared a fruit salad out of several pears. (Lizzie Borden reference)

I think I'll wait until she stops wielding it before I ask her if I can have it back.

In the meantime, please celebrate today's anniversary safely!

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