Every state seems to believe that they have the worst drivers, but some are notably worse than others.

A new report has revealed which states' drivers are truly the worst of the worst when it comes to getting behind the wheel.

Their research is based on the following key factors: careless driving, car accidents, breaking traffic laws and overall accident fatality rates.

Pump the breaks and buckle up — these are the top state states with the worst drivers, according to Car Insurance Comparison:

1. New Mexico (tied)
1. Texas (tied)
3. Montana (tied)
3. South Carolina (tied)
5. Louisiana
6. Alabama (tied)
6. Hawaii (tied)
8. Arizona
9. Oregon
10. Nevada

Did you know? Drivers who slap bumper stickers onto their vehicles are more likely to drive aggressively.

According to William Szlemko, a social psychologist at Colorado State University, drivers who have bumper stickers or flashy rims tend to consider their vehicle territory that needs protection.

"When they feel someone is threatening or invading that territory, they're more likely to respond with aggression to defend that territory," Szlemko shared.

Plus, drivers with personalized vehicles are 15 percent more likely to succumb to road rage — and yes, this includes those people who preach love, proclaim their children are honor students or declare themselves as the best dog parents.

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