The World's Largest Yard Sale is happening at the Rochester Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 9th. In honor of this gigantic event, here are the top 3 manly yard sale scores.

These are items men just can't walk away from as long as they're priced right and in decent condition. You may not need these items, but you buy them anyway, and they are MANLY!

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    Power Tools

    Power Tools are toys for adult men

    Even if I don't need any new power tools, if I see them at a yard sale, I look, and most likely walk away with something. Toys for adults, dangerous toys, but fun to play with!

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    You can always use another TV

    You can never have too many electronic devices. If you're at a yard sale and you  see a sweet TV at a great price, your hands are tied, nothing you can do but make the purchase. You may already have a TV in every room, doesn't matter. Put one in the bathroom. There is always room for more electronic devices.

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    Sports Equipment

    Buy some equipment, start a new hobby

    You may have never lifted a weight in your life, but if there is a nice looking home gym at a great price at a yard sale, you buy it. You were planning on getting in shape anyway, and this is a steal!