Over the weekend, I went to go see Toto at the Lynn Auditorium.  The venue was great and the show was amazing.  As I was coming back home, going North on Route 1, I realized that I hate that highway for so many reasons, but here are the Top 3:

1.  I always worry that the guy (or girl) in front of me will get a craving for Sonic and have to pull in at the very last minute, so I tend to keep my foot on the brake just a little bit as I pass.  I'm sure that's annoying to the people behind me who are thinking I'M going to stop at Sonic and so it goes, car after car after car.

2.  There are awesome stores on Route 1, but why is it that you can't go to the stores on the other side very easily?!  Drives me nuts!

3.  Stores on the road in the first place!  I don't get why you would put stores on a busy highway like that in the first place.  I suppose if I looked at the history of the road, I'd find all kinds of interesting factoids about how it got to be that way, but that's a blog for another day.


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