It's finally the weekend!!  Many people will go out for dinner this weekend, at least that's what I have on the agenda.  It gives me a break from cooking and my husband a break from cleaning.  According to a report by Reader's Digest, here are the Top 5 entrees you should NEVER order, depending on where you are.  You will be surprised at some of these entrees!

1.  A burger at a Seafood Restaurant:  Here on the Coast of NH, we know this.  You DO NO order a lobster or any seafood really, unless you can see the water from the restaurant.  You just don't.  I'm sorry, Idaho.

2.  Chilean sea bass, anywhere, ever:  This one is interesting.  According to the report, chilean sea bass has been over-fished and it's population is now suffering.  Order the local fish instead.

3.  Steak at an Italian restaurant.  Okay, this one's pretty obvious.  When you are surrounded by pizza & pasta, order the pizza & pasta.  They CAN make you a steak, but..... stick with their specialty

4.  Filet mignon:  According to the report, many chefs agree, this isn't the best part of the cow.  There are many other parts that are more flavorful for a better price.  Ask your server.

5.  Anything you can make at home - I NEVER order anything I could do at home.  Why go out if you can do it at home?

Have a great weekend!

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