The Tuckaway Tavern is one of my favorite spots and I, like you maybe, am sad to hear this news, but I am grateful that they are being transparent.  This is the 2nd time, in my recollection that the restaurant had to close down.  The first time was because a bartender on the restaurant side tested positive.

A couple days ago, it came out that another case of COVID-19 hit the Raymond restaurant, however, according to their Facebook page, 6 people have tested positive.  As of now, 1 server, 1 chef, 1 shipping person, 1 prep cook and 2 of the management team.  They have 120 employees, so, at this point, they are happy that the number isn't higher.

The Tuckaway has shut down all operations for ten days as of this past Sunday, so from my math, they should be open again by Wednesday, November 4th.  (ish)  They are testing everyone who works there and have also stated that if you were in the building and are high risk, you are encouraged to get tested.

From all the comments they've received on their Facebook page, people are being very nice, which in this day and age, is rare.  So, I'm happy to see it.  Check these out:

  • Emily Wienhold:  Reasons to keep doing business with tuckaway 1) honesty 2) employee/customer health over profit Hoping all a quick recovery
  • Kathy Hayes Markis  Thank you for being honest and alerting people. You may have just saved several lives. We miss Tuckaway Tavern since we moved south but we have placed several online orders over the last year. We will continue to place orders with Tuckaway Tavern once you are back open.
  • Jenn Nagle  I’ve never been to your establishment but after seeing your transparency, ownership of responsibility and encouragement for quarantine and safety- there’s a strong chance I will stop in the next time I’m in the area. Wishing quick recoveries to your employees.

Looking forward to a vaccine so we can all move about again... sometime in 2021.

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