Have you ever been stuck behind a car with their right turn signal on at a red light in Portsmouth or Portland and that driver just sits there? Of course you have. We all have.

So annoying.

Even worse, there isn't a sign that says you can't turn right on red. But what about that sign that says 'Stop Here On Red'? Does that mean you have to stop and stay put until the light turns green? If so why not just have a 'No Right Turn On Red' sign?

Steven Van Elk
Steven Van Elk

First of all, yes you CAN turn right on red AFTER you've stopped on red at a traffic signal that has that 'Stop Here On Red' sign.

Several television station websites popped up from around the country when I googled the question. Those signs mean stop, check the traffic, and if it's clear, then go ahead and turn right on red.

Okay, great. Now we know, but what's with the confusing sign, since all drivers are required to stop first before turning right on red anyway?

When this sign is posted, it usually is a little further back than where you think you would stop. Usually, this is because of a possible visual obstruction or because of a specific crosswalk in that area. After completing the stop at the designated spot, you would be allowed to make a right on red -- if the situation was safe to do so.

Sadly, there will still be people who just don't turn, and I guess we have to expect that. But at least we know we won't be that person holding up traffic.

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