According to WCVBStephanie Taubin is suing the Boston Red Sox and owner John Henry for negligence, asking for $9.5 million

The report says that Stephanie Taubin was aware of the dangers of foul balls while sitting in her seat at Fenway.

I completely understand that she was afraid and in pain when the ball hit, however, if you are going to a Red Sox game and you see the warning signs of the foul balls and Big Papi is at bat, you should pay attention, right?  I could totally see myself in this situation... having a good time at Fenway, seeing the signs and not paying much attention to DAVID ORTIZ at bat, however, if I got hit by a ball the way she did, would I sue for over 9 mil?  Medical bills?  Absolutely.  You have to know that the Red Sox have deep pockets and they can certainly pay for medical bills, no matter how high they get.  I'm sure they have insurance for that kind of thing.  But would I sue for over 9 million?

The Red Sox pay their players a TON of money.   Also, they charge almost 8 bucks for a beer and even though that's a different company for the food, the Red Sox organization must be taking some sort of cut.  So, why not bring this issue to light and see what the response is.  It might not be a full grown woman next time, it might be a little kid.  And, how would we feel then?

Cross examination continues today.  I'll be curious to see how this all turns out.

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