Long winded twitter users may be in for a treat with the news of the company's plan to ditch their 140 character limit. 

According to Re/code, Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to publish longer tweets.

The move to expand on content isn't new to the super social media company. Just last month they removed the character limit on private messages, or Direct Messages as it's called, between users.

There's no word on when, or if, this change will happen, only news of the company's announcement of the idea.

I am an avid Twitter user and like nothing more than to scroll through my timeline. I prefer it over Facebook because it's clean, condensed, and easily digestible. I fear the day I have to scroll through one tweet just because someone I follow got on his or her soaopbox and rambled on for days.

I think it's neat Twitter is willing to expand on character limits, but there has to be another way of doing it. I like Hypable.com's idea:

Limit the number of characters we can see in each tweet to 140 characters, and give us the option to click “read more” if the tweet goes beyond 140. This way, we won’t be forced to scroll through long posts from our wordy friends.

Until then, I'll just keep enjoying the my 140 character limit.