Fortunately, both Team Sarah AND Team Train had victories last week. Unfortunately, this week's schedule is a hostile wasteland of TREACHEROUS match ups.

Photo Credit - Jodi C
Photo Credit - Jodi in Accounting

 Team Train Picks - Cincinnati

Seriously? Yes.

Hugh and I had to choose the infamous 'Bungles'. They have the Arizona Cardinals coming to town and since Cincy will be hosting this 'Battle Of The Winless Garbage', Hugh and I reluctantly sided with home field advantage.

What a resounding and inspiring endorsement!

Team Sarah Picks - Houston

Jacob from Partners Bank "The Bank That Listens" decided to "Listen" to Sarah's unorthodox reason to select The Houston Texans.

Apparently, if a band has an exceptional horn section, and they are from a city that has a professional football team, that football team is superior.

While, I'm reasonably sure that the city of Atlanta has many excellent bands with terrific brass ensembles, Sarah's admiration for the Houston based 'The Suffers' has solidified the selection.

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