Oh the unbridled terror of going 2-6! Living in fear of an unfeeling, remorseless Random Number Generator hellbent on your demise! This U Pick 'Em Halloween edition is all too real for Hugh and A-Train.

Photo Credit - Jodi C
Photo Credit - Jodi C

Team Train Picks:  HOUSTON

Houston we have a problem. This phrase has never been more appropriate than it is right now.

Hugh and I have exhausted all methods of trying to win a football prediction. From using the Magic 8 Ball to an attempt to summon the spirit of a beloved departed yellow lab named Riley.

We decided on Houston this week based only on a feeling that they are better than Jacksonville. Hopefully, they will take advantage of being the away team at a neutral site (London England 9:30AM)

At the very least, the inevitable pain of losing will be over with, 3 hours quicker than normal.

Team Sarah Picks: DENVER

"Cleveland's got nothing, they've got the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and that's it" - Sarah on why Denver will win

I don't know what's funnier, the increasing agitation of the three men who are losing (badly) to Sarah on the individual U Pick Em leader board, or Jacob ACTUALLY taking her seriously!

Hey, she's got me beat by 7 games, I don't blame him!

Look for The Flacco-less Broncos to beat the ailing Browns starting at 4:25pm on Sunday.

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