It is all tied up going into the final month of the NFL Season! Team Sarah and Team Hugh have a couple of very interesting games to choose that will greatly impact both teams down the home stretch!

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Team Sarah Picks: New England Patriots

After literally going years without having 'The Random Number Generator' select a Pats game, all of a sudden this has become an almost weekly occurrence!

Even though I would like nothing more than Team Hugh to FINALLY win a season of U Pick 'Em, I am happy that whenever Team Sarah selects our beloved Pats, THEY ALWAYS WIN.

This is a silver lining of the 3 year cloud of doom and bad luck that has followed Team Hugh since the very foundation of the prestigious U Pick Em Contest.

It just means that Hugh and I must pick our team wisely, NO PRESSURE!

Team Hugh Picks: Buffalo Bills

The Bills are headed to parts unknown to play The San Francisco 49ers. As I understand it, the entire Northern Half of California will not allow The Niners to play football anywhere, so this game could be played in Arizona, Nevada or Idaho.

Even if they played it on the surface of Mars, Hugh and I believe that The Buffalo Bills will be victorious on Sunday.

By the way, shout out to Patty of Orchard Park, NY who called in to say she was very excited that Team Hugh made this selection for her beloved Bills.

(Apparently Patty isn't aware of our past picking performances but we thank her for her support.)

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