In the 3 year history of U Pick Em, Hugh and I have never had a lead this late in the year and we have NEVER disagreed on a pick. Today's episode is uncharted territory!

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Team Hugh Picks: The Los Angeles Rams

I know, after three years of total simpatico with the namesake and Captain of Team Hugh, I decide to go against the grain and override Hugh's initial selection of Seattle. Here's a team (The Rams) that just embarrassed themselves by losing to one of the most equally embarrassing teams in football history (The 2020 New York Jets).

The question is, WHY WOULD I DO SUCH A THING?

I just have a feeling that Seattle will come into to this game resting on the laurels of their recent post season clinching victory. Los Angeles will be the team that wants it more and their Head Coach Sean McVay is too intelligent to let his team collapse at the end of the year, while on the other sideline, Pete Carroll will probably give his team the entire week off for Christmas and bake them each a batch of Snickerdoodles with a 'Way To Go!' sash on each plate.

Team Sarah Picks: The Kansas City Chiefs

The best team in football playing one of the very worst teams, the Atlanta Falcons. As last week showed us, nothing is ever automatic. Team Sarah's selection of Pittsburgh just taught us that. However, if The Chiefs lose this one, there's a chance that the very laws of physics may unravel right before our eyes.

Team Hugh is currently up one game on Team Sarah with an 8-7 record.

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