Cindy calls this her Foxy Pest Control.


Hunting for micE in the fresh snow, this fox was determined to find his dinner. A little mouse under the fresh and deep snow. He's so cute when he jumps up and then jams his nose right into the snow. There is no video of a capture (probably a good thing) but just watching him try is great!


The best part of a deep fresh snow is that you can tell everything that has walked in it. There are more critters in your backyard than you probably realize. It looks like this fox hasn't had problems catching mice, cuz he's a big ol' fox!

Cindy Priest Facebook

Now I'm wondering what my dog is doing when her face is buried in the snow. I'm sure she's sniffing around for something. But the fox, well, he's gotta think dinner as opposed to my dog looking for the ultimate place to pee.

Cindy Priest Facebook

Here's hoping Mr. Fox got his dinner and that you get to see some truly wild wildlife in your own backyard.



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