Team Sara(h)'s have now pulled ahead of Team Hugh with a very impressive 4-1 record on the young season. Will Team Hugh redeem themselves this week? All of New England better hope so!

Shawn O Photo Credit
Shawn O Photo Credit

Team Hugh Picks New England (!)

In the rich history of U Pick 'Em, Hugh and I have only had to select New England ONCE. (They won Super Bowl LIII by the way) So, for those of you that are fearful we may jinx our beloved Pats, be not afraid. Our current 2 game skid is but a speed bump on the path to eventual glory.

Las Vegas sportsbooks are in agreement with our selection as they have New England as nearly 10 point favorites over the lowly 1-3 Broncos.

Team Sara(h)'s Picks The Los Angeles Rams

Sister Christian called in today from an undisclosed location following the health and safety guidelines of the official governing body of The U Pick Em League. (Some of the preceding is true, but I thought it sounded cool to embellish it a bit)

Sarah was ready to pick Jimmy G and The 49ers but thankfully Sara quickly talked her out of it referencing his HIDEOUS performance VS Miami last week when he was benched at halftime.

Sister Christian assured Sarah that she will still be able to look at Jimmy G during this game, albeit a view of the sidelines while he sits atop the bench.

Their selection of The Rams looks like a good solid pick. Hugh and I really have to step it up if we're going to win this year.

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