With one week remaining in the regular season, our combined record of 23-9 should have the U Pick Em crew in celebration mode. However, we all feel lost without Sarah's convoluted logic.

Tracey Photo Credit
Tracey Photo Credit

Team Sarah Picks: Green Bay

Jacob's selection of Green Bay seems quite logical as they face off against the perennially terrible Detroit in what should be called 'The Disappointment Bowl' as both teams have been just that. Pretty much all season.

Yet, the lack of Sarah's backwards, inside out and upside down endorsement through a slightly inaccurate pop culture reference has Jake feeling less than confident.

I can only hope this dooms his pick and Team Train can draw within two wins of their yearlong lead.

Team Train Picks: Kansas City

Hugh's theory is if KC rolls over Oakland, we win ... and if KC loses? Hey, it'll help The Pats! I'm always in favor of a 'no lose' scenario.

We have just been cleared to pick games right straight through to The Big Game! That means FOUR more weeks for Hugh and I to catch up to AND hopefully beat Team Sarah. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.

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