What a great Wild Card weekend and Fish and I are both 3-1...no...I can't... I have to acknowledge the very important amount of points that I mocked on Friday. And man it bit us both square in the backfield. Indy won(miraculously erasing a 28 point deficit) but lost by 1/2 a point (?!) so that's a loss for both of us. I correctly picked the underdog New Orleans Saints while Fish chose the NFC Least champs and that brought our records to an impressive 1-1 and 0-2.

Getty Images/Rich Schultz/Stringer

Fish bounced back Sunday by predicting San Diego would cover the important amount of points while I believed in the hype of Andy Dalton...(my new opinion is that he is officially terrible) San Diego rolled over Cincy and The Niners kept the away teams rollin' as well with a last second tie-breaking field goal against The GB Packers.

Fish and I both picked SF and through texting, we both discovered we couldn't remember what the very important amount of points for this game happened to be. The very important amount of points we use for this contest is announced on the air at or around 4:15pm on Friday. Luckily, every word we say is captured on a scary Orwellian device called a skimmer, so Fish and I went to it and discovered I said "San Fran is favored by about a field goal" and that was it... Fish then embarked upon a feverish internet crusade to find out the exact important amount of points as of Friday 01/03 at 4:21pm.  As you can see here, his crusade ended in vain.

We have decided to call it a push and both of our records stand at a sad 1-2-1. But based strictly on winners and losers... we are both 3-1 and yes I have to point that out .. I mean Indy scores 35 points in the 2nd half to win by one point and we LOSE by a half point???? I can't let it go.