Hang on, Everyone.  Testing for a vaccine started yesterday for the Corona virus, according to the NY Times.  The vaccine was developed in record time because scientists used what they already knew about SARS and MERS, related coronavirus.  Even if it does prove to be effective, it won't be available, however, until at least a year.

The vaccine, which is being tested in Seattle, was made by Moderna, Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, Mass with a manufacturing plant in Norwood, MA.  The testing trial enrolled 45 healthy adults ages 18 to 55.  Each will get 2 shots, 28 days apart, then they will be monitored for at least a year.  Moderna has already purchased new equipment so that it will be able to produce enough vaccines for everyone.  Scientists acknowledge that might be a long way away, however, they have to get it right for obvious reasons.

The testing was made possible by a non profit called, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations who helped pay to manufacture the vaccine for the trial.  Who knew they even existed!

One step closer!

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