In about two weeks, I'll be in paradise with a pair o' dice. Las Vegas, Nevada. You would think that the excitement of an oncoming vacation would improve my mood and make the frustrating or mundane events of workdays easier to shrug off or put in perspective. It does not.

This is a picture I took while walking in Red Rock Canyon. Do you notice something strange about the path in the photo? It is outside AND it didn't need to be shoveled or salted!! Right now it's 64 degrees where this picture was taken...tonight in NH it will be the square root of 64 degrees (8!) and that's much, much warmer than the past 2 nights. I've had it. I've had it with the weathahhhh, I've had it with cabin fevahhhhh and I've had it with accents that drop R's.

After 5 days of temps in the 60's, buffets, slot machines and other depraved activity, I'll be happy to be back home. I'm always thankful for parking my own car without tipping a valet , eating a meal without tipping the waiter or room service and drinking a bottle of beer for less than $9.

But for the next 15 days I shall be grumpy, angry and enraged. Do you get this way before a vacation? Most people are happy before they leave and miserable upon their return. Not me. I'd like to know if I'm the only one who has backwards feelings on the subject of vacation mood swings.