Homes for Sale on Islands in Maine

If you’ve perused my articles before, then you may know it’s my dream to live on an island. Maybe that’s because I grew up in a state with thousands of islands off the coast or it’s just because living the island life would just be freaking awesome.

Whatever the catalyst to my dream, I am interested every time I see a spot for sale near the shore. Whether or not I can afford it, I still love living vicariously through the soon-to-be homeowners and getting a taste of what’s out there.

With Maine having so many islands off the coast, our real estate on the water is not hard to come by. My favorite listings are ones that are close to home in areas I’m familiar with, so I love when homes pop up for sale on islands in Casco Bay.

I grew up visiting Long Island and Peaks Island and still do to this day, so getting a peek inside one of those homes is a treat.

Peaks Island Real Estate

Courtesy of Engel & Volkers Casco Bay, I recently took a virtual tour of a vibrant and colorful home for sale on one of my favorite islands. Sitting at 95 Herman Ave., Peaks Island, ME 04108 is a three-bedroom home in a prime location.

Whether you’re biking, whipping your golf cart, or going for a scenic walk, the spot is within a close radius of the town, shops, ferry, and local area beaches.

Listed for $795,000, the year-round island retreat may very well be worth every penny. You can be the judge of that yourself, check it out:

Vibrant Home for Sale on Peaks Island Full of Natural Light and Color

You Can Rent Out a Private Island in Maine for Only $200 Per Night

The perfect way to go completely off the grid for a summer weekend in Maine.

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