"Oh is there an inch of snow on the ground? I better slow down to a crawl and brake constantly on the highway just to be safe."

Most every New Englander I've come across knows how to drive in the winter during the lightest flurry or heaviest Nor'easter.

Unfortunately, not every driver is confident when it comes to driving when there is snow on the ground. We know they are out there because we have all been stuck behind them on the highway. I don't know who I hate driving behind more: the people who drive slow when they see some snowflakes, or the people who don't clear the snow off the top of their car.

This music video, loosely based on Andy Grammer's "Honey I'm Good," perfectly captures the frustration of dealing with slow winter drivers. Break out the ice scrapers and strap on your winter tires for this one.

Big thanks to Sweaty Turtle Entertainment and Mitchell Parker for teaming up with us here at Townsquare Media to produce this music video. To find out more about Sweaty Turtle's great video projects, visit http://sweatyturtle.com/

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