Moving into my apartment, I did not expect that a ghost could possibly be living there. It is a brand new apartment and I didn't think anything of it. Maybe, the ghost followed me on my move, but how could I really be sure?

It all started with cameras in the apartment picking up movement while I was not in the room or even at home. From the videos, I could see what looked like orbs flying to the kitchen knives. Luckily for me, none of the knives have ever moved.

Some people think that it could be dust being picked up on the cameras, but honestly, that is not what I believe. Take a look for yourself.

We picked up a couple of things, like white sage and witch balls, which ward off witch's spells, evil spirits, and ill fortune. However, more activity has occurred.

Well, just the other day, I learned that this possible ghost can do more than just being sensed by my cameras. My boyfriend was cooking dinner, and while I was in the other room, I heard my boyfriend yell and ask me if I was watching a video on my phone. I was not. Apparently, he heard a man's voice behind him while he was cooking, and right after I responded, he heard the voice again over his shoulder.

So, I guess the ghost that either followed us here or has lived here has finally decided to make himself known by speaking out to us. But wait, there is more.

Just last night, one of our bathroom doors was shut. Yes, it could have very well been one of us that shut the door, however, we rarely shut the door especially when no one is in the bathroom. Honestly, we don't really shut any doors in the apartment during the day.

Do I think my apartment is haunted? I believe that something strange is going on. The cameras continue to sense movement throughout the day when no one is in the room as well as when we are not even home. As for the voice, I did not hear anything and nothing was recorded on the camera, so I would need to hear it for myself to believe that.

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