You might remember a story from WCVB that came out about 4 months ago about a 93 year old woman who lost her wedding-engagement-anniversary-promise ring that was on her finger for 72 years when she went to Shaw's in Waltham.  The ring was from her late husband, Wally.  When she realized that she had lost it, she prayed that she would get it back and now she has.

WCVB talked to Marie Gladman about getting her ring back.  According to the story, a little girl found the ring at the Shaw's in Waltham.  Marie and her family would like to give the girl a reward, but they have no idea who she is.

Marie believes she got her ring back via divine intervention.

Not that it was ever in my possession, but my Mother had a black onyx ring that has disappeared and I would love to know where it went.  There IS a possibility that my sister has it and isn't saying anything, so there's still hope!

Very happy for Marie and her family!


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